Thanks To My Dear Friends

I’m so lucky to have so many friends that are always willing to lend a helping hand. I have a new blog design, and obviously, I’m not the one who did it. Sab made it for me. So sweet! Sab will kill if if she knows I called her sweet.

Sab’s design

And then, I received a message from my friend Marlo and he scolded me for having a new blog design. I was thinking, why is it my fault? Or a fault for that matter regardless who’s fault it is. And then he told me, it’s because he’s already making my blog design. Haha! That’s so sweet of him also to do that. Both designs are very nice, and I’m naturally greedy so I’m making Marlo’s design the skin of my about (why bother) page.

I really love both! When they say “torn between two lover” this is how I feel about these designs. Torn between to blog skins. haha! This is Marlo’s design. Continue reading Thanks To My Dear Friends

Supply of Rubber

I’ve been talking to a friend of mine and she’s very much interested in the rubber production. And because of that, I went to reading about it. I was a bit surprised to know that the market is close to having a shortage in supply.

With the booming automotive industry in China and India, their rubber production has a deficit of more than 50,000 tonnes (if I remember correctly since I just browsed through). They are having problems not only because of the increase in demand, but also in the climate. Rubber grows well in a tropical climate, and although these two countries have a big chunk of land at their disposal, not all of it is suitable for rubber cultivation. Continue reading Supply of Rubber

First Taste of Alcohol for the New Year 2011

not drunk

It’s been quite a while, seriously. Ever since I came back to Singapore this January, I’ve never drank-until now that is. No biggie really, but it was quite fun. My colleague Mariel was the one who planned it all out.

First stop is dinner, at Yummy Viet. I didn’t really eat that much (I normally do) but the food was ok. It’s right in the middle of China town. Ok, I’m not really sure if it’s the middle but it’s there somewhere.

Continue reading First Taste of Alcohol for the New Year 2011

The Place Where I Was Born

Not kidding. I was born there. That’s Marinduque. Another photo would be this:

Okay, basically Marinduque is located right in the heart of Philippines. It’s a small island and I live 15 mins walk from the beach. We have another house in a different town, and our house there is in the middle of the fishpond, so underneath is water. When you sleep you can actually hear the water gently moving because of the soft breeze.

Anyway the best time to be in Marinduque is during the Holy Week, because that’s the time that we have a festival called ‘Moriones Festival’. Continue reading The Place Where I Was Born

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Video Campaign

Because of my boss, I keep on having the urge to look at Bryan boy’s website these days (take note: my boss is a guy. lol) Anyway, he was showing me the article about Bryan boy being in the cover of Style Magazine here in Singapore. Personally, I find that very inspiring. But that’s not really the reason why I’m writing now.

While looking at Bryan boy’s recent posts, I came upon his article about the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Video Campaign. We all know bloggers sometimes have the habit of exaggerating, and he said there that the behind the scene video was amazing. What I was thinking while reading was… yea. Okay everything is amazing. Then again, I still decided to look at the video and guess what? It really is quite amazing! It’s quirky, fun and sexy all at the same time. I just love the play of colours and the imaginative process that you can easily see from the video itself. Here have fun watching!

Oh and did I mention there’s a behind the scenes as well? I think I actually liked it better than the video campaign itself. I really had a good laugh. Quite funny and in a good way. Continue reading Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Video Campaign

Bombing in the Philippines

Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

I seriously don’t like hearing bad things happening in the Philippines especially when I’m not around. I can’t help but worry for my family. Last Tuesday, I read from the news that a bus got bombed, and 4 died! And at least 14 people were injured. I’m just relieved knowing that my family members don’t take the bus, but even so. If there’s one thing I realized, it’s just news like these are scarier when I’m away from my family and I can’t immediately verify that they’re not harmed, nor are they worried. Continue reading Bombing in the Philippines

Baguio City

Going to Hong Kong makes me think so much of Baguio City. It’s because I like the weather so much in Hong Kong and Baguio has basically the same weather. And it’s cold all year round there because it’s not just the season that’s making it cold, but it’s altitude. Baguio City is a highland located north of Manila. It’s actually an 8hours drive from Manila depending on traffic.

And I realized something also. The reason I was able to appreciate Hong Kong is because I was able to wear fall/winter clothes and boots! I like wearing boots. Whenever I go to Baguio, I normally just wear jeans, and jackets. And that’s it. If I wear boots, tights, mini skirt and a trench coat there, I would look like an alien, and people would be staring at me. It would only be forgivable if I’m a celebrity or any body who’s famous. So unless I’m any of those, people would think I’m just an odd ball seeking attention. Sigh.

Continue reading Baguio City

Camayan Beach Resort

Stayed till 5am here talking non-sense, and having fun

Last year, for some reason I was hanging out so much with the ENT doctors of Makati Medical Center in the Philippines. I got to know them by a string of contacts which I myself started. See, I have a friend (Zarah) who is a nurse. She needed a job then, so I introduced him to my friend (JR) who’s girlfriend works for the ENT department. Continue reading Camayan Beach Resort

From Fashion 21 to Forever 21

Photo credit:

I was surfing the net for some business news, and I saw an article about Forever 21. This retail store that originated from Los Angeles California took over a 30,000-square-foot space in Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue which used to be Takashimaya. I didn’t know they’re so big! Anyway, in the fashion industry, it is not uncommon to compare somebody’s outfit to Forever 21 garments when the outfit is looks cheap. So I always thought that the brand (I don’t even know if it’s proper to call it a brand) is a cheap brand and probably a small one. Continue reading From Fashion 21 to Forever 21

What Makes People Happy?

They say life is nothing but an endless pursuit of happiness. But what would bring us happiness? If you have a dream, and you’re able to get that dream, will it make you happy? What about the things that we don’t plan for, like failing an exam, getting lost, falling in love? Do we just forget about those because they’re not part of the plan?

What is more important for our happiness? Is it the material things that almost everybody wants? Is it being able to travel the world and experience many things? What about spending time with your loved ones? Or having to fall for someone? Continue reading What Makes People Happy?