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I don't think I have ever been this hurt my entire life. The only positive thing from this is that I'm old enough to handle it. Have any of you ever have to wake up day in day out and slap a smile on your face as if everything is fine? I have to. And ...

Western Union Boo!

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I'm a bank person, I normally don't like using other means to move fund. Now I don't have a choice. I have to use western union. In their partner branch, tambunting pawnshop. First complain, not air conditioned. I'm sweating like a pig literally. Second, I have to wait for so long! And I'm still here actually! This ...

Early Mid-life Crisis

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I've been feeling sad lately. I'm always moody and I get irritated so easily. For some reason, I found myself surfing the internet and suddenly, I remember I have a blog. I have a place where I can pour all my troubles, and forget about them. For a moment I was a bit scared that it ...

Such Neglect

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I have been neglecting my blog these past two weeks. That will change-soon. Been in a bit of a slump lately. Lot of emotional issues that needs to be taken cared of otherwise all my entries would be purely emo. Even I wouldn't want to read that!

Thanks To My Dear Friends

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I'm so lucky to have so many friends that are always willing to lend a helping hand. I have a new blog design, and obviously, I'm not the one who did it. Sab made it for me. So sweet! Sab will kill if if she knows I called her sweet. Sab's design And then, I received a ...

Baguio City

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Going to Hong Kong makes me think so much of Baguio City. It's because I like the weather so much in Hong Kong and Baguio has basically the same weather. And it's cold all year round there because it's not just the season that's making it cold, but it's altitude. Baguio City is a highland ...

From Fashion 21 to Forever 21

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Photo credit: I was surfing the net for some business news, and I saw an article about Forever 21. This retail store that originated from Los Angeles California took over a 30,000-square-foot space in Manhattan's Fifth Avenue which used to be Takashimaya. I didn't know they're so big! Anyway, in the fashion industry, it is ...