INSURANCE in the Philippines

When people say investment here in the Philippines, most often than not insurance will not come up to their mind. Why? Because for some reason, in our culture insurance is something that is not very much welcome.

For most people here in the Philippines, buying insurance of any kind would be like wishing something bad would happen to you. That’s why you’re buying the insurance. What they don’t understand is that it is merely preparing for the probability that something bad would happen.

Because let’s face it. Bad things happen. They do. We just don’t know when, where and to who it would happen. It’s just a matter of probabilities and likelihoods and maybe some would call it luck. But one thing I’m sure of – YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SURE THAT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU.

It’s reality. So might as well prepare for it right? Or should I say… prepare for the unexpected, while hoping for the best.