Blogging on the Go!

Finally! I’ve always liked having my journal with me all the time. But that’s dangerous as I can always misplace it.

Now finally thanks to princessa’s suggestion, it certainly feels that way.

I know it’s not something new, it’s been around for quite some time still. It’s new for me. Given the improved reception here in Philippines. Good thing about it is that it’s so easy to install.

All I needed to do was to search for WordPress blogging app in AppStore. Download, log in and voila! It’s dummy proof. Hehe!


The Beauty in Numbers

I’m have been in Marketing for the longest time now. And I enjoy it. But, my first love still remains to be numbers. In whatever we do, everything is backed up by numbers. Especially if we’re working. The best justification for any request would still involve numbers.

You need to request for a salary increase. why would your boss do that? Show him the numbers. What was your performance for the last six months or for the last year. Show him how the sales went up when you joined the company. And if you want more impact, create a graphical representation of your data! It’s very easy, just use excel. Just fill in the blanks. If you don’t know how, ask and I’ll show you. Continue reading The Beauty in Numbers