Bombing in the Philippines

Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

I seriously don’t like hearing bad things happening in the Philippines especially when I’m not around. I can’t help but worry for my family. Last Tuesday, I read from the news that a bus got bombed, and 4 died! And at least 14 people were injured. I’m just relieved knowing that my family members don’t take the bus, but even so. If there’s one thing I realized, it’s just news like these are scarier when I’m away from my family and I can’t immediately verify that they’re not harmed, nor are they worried. Continue reading Bombing in the Philippines

Political Turmoil in the Philippines

I have never been very active in the Political activities here in the Philippines. When I left, not much was happening, but I can say that there has been quite a lot that has happened in my lifetime already.

We had quite a number of ‘People Power Revolution‘ already, and now people are quite confused as to the real number of times it did happen. Why the confusion? Because a lot of different organizations tried to copy the original, which happened during the time of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

The next successful attempt at a revolution was during the time of President Estrada, which actually put President Macapagal Arroyo (she was the Vice President then) in office. After that, Arroyo run for office again, but I can not say that it was magnanimous.

Anyway, this is just a preview. The political arena here in the Philippines is one that is caught between hellish and comical. *sigh* Now, there are a lot of allegations that the First Gentleman is doing anomalous deals, yet nothing is being done about it. The president even commented that she can still sleep tight at night. And that’s without even explaining her family’s side of the story.

Ugh! I’m telling you guys, this is the reason why I tried to shut my ears and my eyes before. Because the people who can actually do something is not moving – at all! If I rant about it, it’s not as if I’ll be able to accomplish anything. Geez.

Yet still, for some reason, I feel the need to keep on ranting about it. If I’m not heard, at least I voiced out my opinion. My beliefs.

Philippines Vs. Singapore

Now that I only have a few days left here in Singapore my mind keeps on drifting to my memory of the Philippines. I guess once you step on Philippine soil the first difference from SG that you’ll notice is the public transportation. We have jeepneys’! You guys should try it, I find it nice. But only for the novelty of it.

As much as I can, I would just wait for my brother to pick me up. I feel dizzy with the pollution and the heat.

Front view of the jeepney
Continue reading Philippines Vs. Singapore

Advisory: Easy on the Chocolate Cake

I’m not talking about your diet here (before you get defensive). I saw in the news that there has been an outbreak of food poisoning, and I just thought it would be a good idea to at least share it with you guys. Might help avoid discomfort for some people.

Here’s what I read from the newspaper:

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has ordered a PrimaDeli factory to shut down its operation.

AVA said that “in view of the food poisoning outbreak and severity of the situation, Prima Food is required to stop all operations at the factory with immediate effect until the outbreak is over”.

The issue on hand here lies on their chocolate cakes. So for those who have slices of cakes left over in the fridge… I suggest that you throw in in the dustbin ASAP. hehe!

Anyway… this is just a news advisory. If you want to read more, it’s available in Channel News Asia.

Bastards bullying an old Rickshaw driver

Just when we thought humans are the higher form of animals… watch this and think again…

When I heard of the story about three Brits bullying an old richshaw driver, I thought it must have been just a simple misunderstanding. Probably they just cracked a couple of lame jokes, and ended up laughing and that’s it.

When I saw the video in youtube, the first word I thought was “bastards!”. At this moment, I can think of more profanities to describe what they did but I wouldn’t. Because that would be lowering myself to their level.

At that moment, I suddenly thought of my father. How would I react if that’s my father in that video. I could seriously have them beaten up or have someone beat them up to make sure they don’t pull another stupid stunt like that. (So help me God)

I hope this doesn’t happen to someone they care for (if they are capable of caring). Those people shouldn’t be punished just because they happened to be associated to these uneducated people.

I’d rather let karma go and visit them. I always say that good things happen to good people. I hope they realize what they did is really a disgrace not only to their country but to humanity as well.

If the people who has a say or authority over this kind of matters, I hope something is done about this. So the rest of the bastards out there would think twice before they do moronic things, like bullying an old richshaw driver in Singapore.

Thoughts Aside:

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current events

Every day, something is happening in all places around the globe. The world is changing, as well as humanity itself along with nature. Political views, economic policies and all sorts of upheavals are happening concurrently.

In all these changes, I feel left out. This morning, I was early for work so I decided to read the newspaper for a change. There’s the news about the fire in California. Seven people died and a lot lost their properties.

Recently there has been an explosion in one of the popular malls in the Philippines (Glorieta). There were speculations of terrorist attack but the authorities said it was an accident. Nothing more to it.

These are just a few. At least the few that I know off. Then I made this comment about the article 377a as my way of reaching out and trying to be a part of what’s happening out there.

Some appreciated my post and there were some who thinks voicing out my opinion contradicts my view of letting the matter rest. I don’t mind though. In the very least, someone else read my post.

Going back to current events, I still don’t know what’s happening around me. On the other side of the world. I don’t even know what’s happening in my own country.

Time is flying right past by me and I can’t do anything about it. There’s a lot of things I want to do, a lot of things that I still need to learn and I’m not sure how I am going to accomplish all these things.

In trying to console myself, I realized something. The gravity that world issues poses does not amount to my insignificance. Rather, it just means that the world is big. I am just human.

Thinking about it, I still know something. I am still a part of my family and friend’s lives. I know what’s happening to their lives. I am still a witness to their history.

So what, they’re not famous and influential? Well they mean everything to me. The rest of the world remotely affects me of course. But it doesn’t directly equate to who I am.

This is not my excuse for not updating myself with the news. For that, I have none. This is more of my reason for still trying to live the best way I can. And I’m glad.

section 377a

My friend, Princessa was the one who opened up this subject. Apparently there is a group in Singapore who wants to repeal the section 377a which according to Wikipedia and I quote.

“Section 377A was introduced in 1938 to criminalize all other non-penetrative sexual acts between men. ‘Gross indecency‘ is a broad term which, from a review of past cases in Singapore, has been applied to mutual masturbation, genital contact, or even lewd behavior without direct physical contact. As with section 377, performing such acts in private does not constitute a defense. There is no law in Singapore equally specific to non-penetrative lesbian sex.”

It seems that this repeal has been causing a quite a lot of raucous nowadays. People are taking sides, and it’s not healthy.

Gays, lesbians they are the same as the next person. It’s just a matter of preference. For me what we should dwell upon is respect. This is something that is hard to chance upon these days.

Gay people are normal human beings who just want to live without people judging censoring them. As long as they’re not stepping on anybody’s shoes, there’s no reason for us to deny them the rights that heterosexuals have.

I myself am guilty of making them feel different by trying so hard to make them feel accepted. One quarter of my friends are gay and I don’t have anything against them.

So when I read the term gross indecency in how gay acts are being described, I was taken aback. I thought we’re living in a new age? Where now is freedom of expression?

I do not want to cause trouble, and neither do I want to put my friends in a compromising situation. I merely want to voice out my opinion.

Haven’t any one of us made any choice or act that most people deem as unpopular or bordering on morality and yet we feel that we have done nothing wrong? When people scrutinizes us, we feel violated right?

Let’s give people a chance to be who they want to be. At the end of the day, it’s still their lives to live. Try to understand other people as others try to understand us.

The world is big enough to keep us from stepping on each other’s toes. There’s no need to worry about someone else’s sexuality.

Before I conclude this, I want to leave three rules that I consider as my lifes’ mantra:

1. The Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

2. Machiavelli: The end justifies the means

3. Adam Smith: The invisible hand (the public will benefit as you pursue your own cause)

I didn’t really have all of these when I was a kid. Through the years, I have learned to go by these simple rules even if I’m not consciously thinking about them.

Think about these things together before you make your stand. I hope next time, judgmental people would actually stop and use their brain first before even uttering a single syllable.

(a photo of me with my best gay friend since secondary school)

Thoughts Aside:

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