My New Fave Bar Lounge in Manila

For a long time, my cousin and I only go to Opus at Resorts World, Palladium at Rennasance Hotel, and Izakaya at Greenbelt. Those three places are convenient and the crowd are ok. But during the past months, they became a hit or miss thing.

The good news is, we have a new favorite place. It’s Skye bar lounge at the W Building at The Fort Strip in Taguig City. The place itself is nice because it’s on the rooftop. It’s open, and overlooking most of Global City.

A good place to hang out with friends and just relax.


I don’t think I have ever been this hurt my entire life. The only positive thing from this is that I’m old enough to handle it. Have any of you ever have to wake up day in day out and slap a smile on your face as if everything is fine? I have to. And I guess that’s what makes it difficult.

If I can just be grumpy and silent, and just do my work, it would have been fine. But it’s not so it sucks. I don’t even care if this entry is of any value or interest. I just want to complain since I can’t quite complain in Facebook. So there. Oddly, that actually helped.

Western Union Boo!

I’m a bank person, I normally don’t like using other means to move fund. Now I don’t have a choice. I have to use western union. In their partner branch, tambunting pawnshop.

First complain, not air conditioned. I’m sweating like a pig literally. Second, I have to wait for so long! And I’m still here actually!

This is so frustrating. So for those who need to transfer fund, just use the bank. If your trade is legit, use the bank. Western union, specially tambunting… Boo!


Oh an guess what. After making me wait and sweat, they tell nether have a limit in the amount I can send for purchased goods. Ergo, I woulnt be able to send the money. Just a perfect way to try and ruin a perfect day for me!

Blogging on the Go!

Finally! I’ve always liked having my journal with me all the time. But that’s dangerous as I can always misplace it.

Now finally thanks to princessa’s suggestion, it certainly feels that way.

I know it’s not something new, it’s been around for quite some time still. It’s new for me. Given the improved reception here in Philippines. Good thing about it is that it’s so easy to install.

All I needed to do was to search for WordPress blogging app in AppStore. Download, log in and voila! It’s dummy proof. Hehe!


Early Mid-life Crisis

I’ve been feeling sad lately. I’m always moody and I get irritated so easily. For some reason, I found myself surfing the internet and suddenly, I remember I have a blog. I have a place where I can pour all my troubles, and forget about them.

For a moment I was a bit scared that it might not be up anymore because I don’t really update it, but thanks for my bestfriend, Sab, it’s still here. Thank you Sab!!!! I love you! Continue reading Early Mid-life Crisis


I can’t believe it has been so long since I wrote here. But anyway, the reason that made me want to write is just to thank Samsung. And no, I am not required to. Still, I want to.

About a month back, I went to a Samsung event. They were introducing their newest line of cameras. Among them is Samsung ST700, WB210 and Pl210, ST6500 and the new SH100. Continue reading Samsung

The Beauty in Numbers

I’m have been in Marketing for the longest time now. And I enjoy it. But, my first love still remains to be numbers. In whatever we do, everything is backed up by numbers. Especially if we’re working. The best justification for any request would still involve numbers.

You need to request for a salary increase. why would your boss do that? Show him the numbers. What was your performance for the last six months or for the last year. Show him how the sales went up when you joined the company. And if you want more impact, create a graphical representation of your data! It’s very easy, just use excel. Just fill in the blanks. If you don’t know how, ask and I’ll show you. Continue reading The Beauty in Numbers

Line of Credit

Somebody very dear to me messaged me today and told me that he’s stressed, because he has a problem. He needs a couple of hundred thousands of dollars to finance a deal that he’s working on. It should be easy for him, knowing he’s very rich, but sadly, his money is tied up in other investments. So I got to thinking- a problem like that will not happen if you have a good relationship with the banks.

In the Philippines, I used to work in the bank and I was able to take part in commercial loan transactions. And I remember, when I was still a financial analyst, I help set up a credit facility which is called a Line of Credit, and specifically at that time, it was the omnibus facility.

I browsed the internet, and I believe it is something that is called the working capital loan in the states. For people who are familiar with accounting terms, then the name itself says a lot. Basically, a working capital is the fund you use to buy inventory, pay employees, and basically pay and purchase things that are related in the everyday operations of your business. Continue reading Line of Credit

Such Neglect

I have been neglecting my blog these past two weeks. That will change-soon. Been in a bit of a slump lately. Lot of emotional issues that needs to be taken cared of otherwise all my entries would be purely emo. Even I wouldn’t want to read that!