Early Mid-life Crisis

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I’ve been feeling sad lately. I’m always moody and I get irritated so easily. For some reason, I found myself surfing the internet and suddenly, I remember I have a blog. I have a place where I can pour all my troubles, and forget about them.

For a moment I was a bit scared that it might not be up anymore because I don’t really update it, but thanks for my bestfriend, Sab, it’s still here. Thank you Sab!!!! I love you!

Anyway, I’m just so glad that I have somewhere to write on. I keep asking myself what I used to do every time I feel this way because I seem to cope so well when I was a kid. And then I realized, I used to keep a journal. I’ve bee writing since I was 6 years old and I only stopped when I discovered about blogging.

It feels so good to write about things that probably nobody will be able to read, still, I can go back and read them. And remember all those things that I experienced, felt, seen, those that I didn’t. I’m just glad…

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