The Beauty in Numbers

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I’m have been in Marketing for the longest time now. And I enjoy it. But, my first love still remains to be numbers. In whatever we do, everything is backed up by numbers. Especially if we’re working. The best justification for any request would still involve numbers.

You need to request for a salary increase. why would your boss do that? Show him the numbers. What was your performance for the last six months or for the last year. Show him how the sales went up when you joined the company. And if you want more impact, create a graphical representation of your data! It’s very easy, just use excel. Just fill in the blanks. If you don’t know how, ask and I’ll show you.

You want to expand your business, but it would entail acquiring additional costs? Crunch the numbers. Start with the basic. Make a revenue projection based on either a survey, or a general trend of the market. Make sure that you take the most conservative projection so as not to over sell your idea, and end up short on your promises.

From your revenue projection, you can then compute for the Return on Investment (ROI). How do you know if the ROI you have will be accepted? Probabilities! Ok, I’m just going on and on here. (But I’m serious about the probabilities part as well). But I really see beauty in numbers. They make things organized. Of course I love words as well, especially when I play with them, but for me, a good reading would not be enough without numbers.

Especially in the world of business, no matter what industry or department you’re in, you will never be able to avoid numbers. If you do avoid them, then you’re not really doing a good thing for yourself. Life is a big mathematical equation. Everyday is a problem solving test. You just got to to learn to COUNT your blessings, MULTIPLY the love, and SUBTRACT the bad things, and DIVIDE with equality.

It’s that simple! It’s all about solving for x, y & z. And even a, b, c! 😛

  • Kayth
    March 10, 2011

    numbers make my day go around, literally he he he!

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  • Heyz
    March 12, 2011

    Hi Ms. Cel,
    I love numbers!!
    love this topic..

  • reyapot
    March 28, 2011

    i didn’t realize that you love numbers that much hehehe.. musta na?

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