Supply of Rubber

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I’ve been talking to a friend of mine and she’s very much interested in the rubber production. And because of that, I went to reading about it. I was a bit surprised to know that the market is close to having a shortage in supply.

With the booming automotive industry in China and India, their rubber production has a deficit of more than 50,000 tonnes (if I remember correctly since I just browsed through). They are having problems not only because of the increase in demand, but also in the climate. Rubber grows well in a tropical climate, and although these two countries have a big chunk of land at their disposal, not all of it is suitable for rubber cultivation.

The next thing I did is to read whether Philippines is exporting rubber as well. And I found out that it’s not even among the big players when we still have a lot of land that are not even utilized for anything. It’s very sad to know that we have the natural resources, yet we’re not able to make the most out of it. Something should be done to correct this. Not just for rubber production, but for all other things that would help our economy grow.

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