Bombing in the Philippines

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Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

I seriously don’t like hearing bad things happening in the Philippines especially when I’m not around. I can’t help but worry for my family. Last Tuesday, I read from the news that a bus got bombed, and 4 died! And at least 14 people were injured. I’m just relieved knowing that my family members don’t take the bus, but even so. If there’s one thing I realized, it’s just news like these are scarier when I’m away from my family and I can’t immediately verify that they’re not harmed, nor are they worried.

So anyway,the bus exploded in EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue) which is actually the busiest highway in the Philippines. Seriously with the slow movement of traffic there, I don’t really know why it’s even called a high way. It was at the corner of Buendia. Who ever is/are behind this, I hope they realize that those faceless people do have a family. They have dreams and hopes and everything just ended. And for what? So some people can have their point to the other side? I don’t really believe that there is a point big enough to kill innocent people. That is just wrong.

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