Funny Video from High School Reunion

I mentioned I went to my high school reunion last December. But I wasn’t really able to say how fun it was, until my high school classmate posted this video. I couldn’t help but laugh! Of course I tried not to, so I ended up turning red instead (I’m in the office you see–makes sense right?) Some people might not even think it’s funny, but that’s too bad, because I do. Take a look and see.

If you guys got confused, we’ll we were supposed to come up with a cheer. I went to the toilet with my high school bestfriend Zarah, and when we returned, the two guys(our classmates during high school) already have a complete idea of what they want to do.

Well, the idea is not really saying much, but the fact that it’s so nonsensical, that the idea makes me laugh just thinking about it. The idea is to cheer “ahoo-ahoo” and then kiss kiss (clarification: its actually a cheek to cheek– in-case my boyfriend gets mad at me again.) Who the hell in the right state of mind would want to do a cheer like that?!

I really had fun that night. I don’t remember all the people who joined, because they’re from a different class, but for some reason, I felt comfortable with them as well. Now I’m excited for the next reunion! lol!

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  • Hani
    April 5, 2011

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