Philippines Vs. Singapore

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Now that I only have a few days left here in Singapore my mind keeps on drifting to my memory of the Philippines. I guess once you step on Philippine soil the first difference from SG that you’ll notice is the public transportation. We have jeepneys’! You guys should try it, I find it nice. But only for the novelty of it.

As much as I can, I would just wait for my brother to pick me up. I feel dizzy with the pollution and the heat.

Front view of the jeepney

(A common scene in one of the busiest roads in Metro Manila)

We also have buses, but we do not use buses the same way it is being used here in Singapore. In the Philippines, only take express ways and major roads. For all in between, we have the jeepneys to cover for that.

For people who are in a rush, we also have the MRT, and LRT.

Now for the very small roads, where even the jeepneys can’t cover, we have the tricycle.

So practically, there is no need to walk. You can get from one place to another without walking to a bus stop or to the train station. I think that’s the problem. There’s too many of us, too little funding from the Government, too little initiative on both ends to obey the rules and implement it.

I heard here in Singapore, the LTA are doing the planning already for the projected increase in demand by year 2020. That’s like sooo far from now yet they are doing necessary preparations already.

I know people would tell me that I should love my own. I do love my own, but there is no possible way for me to say that our public transport is better. It is only here that I enjoy the public transport.

Although when I was still working, it can be a hassle in the morning because of the congestion, it’s still tolerable. At least I can estimate how long it would take me from my house to the office. In the Philippines, you have to add up at least an hour. Else you’re confirmed late.

Too bad for SG though, there is not enough space to move. In a way I think it also helps. It eliminates the choice of just expanding, and not making things more efficient. Since the population is not that big also, it would be easier to track which areas are more densely populated. Then you can plan the routes and schedule from there.

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